No one loves shopping. 
Just yet.​​​​​​​

When the River Mall team approached us to develop their positioning and identity, our initial reaction was laughter. It's a shopping center in a residential area near a boardwalk with an IMAX theatre!

So we scoffed and told them that they could write the name of the mall in chalk on a plank outside and they'd still get a steady flow of visitors.

River Mall is the first shopping center of its kind in the most densely populated and youngest neighborhood group of Kyiv. Thanks to its various unique boutiques, flagship Silpo supermarket, IMAX theatre, food court with a variety of cuisines from around the world and beautiful boardwalk along the Dnipro river, there's no need to loudly invite anyone. We could just stop there and not work further. But no. Not everyone loves malls. Well, what could we do? Challenge accepted.

Not an identity.
An ecosystem.

A river is never same as it was a few seconds ago. With every moment, there's new water, changing directions, different waves. 
The flora and fauna are always in motion.

We applied this principle of constant change to the River Mall identity. We didn't just create a logo. 
Rather, we create a principle from which you can create a million logos. 
And each will be different from the previous.

πάντα ρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει*
*Everything flows. Everything changes.

The dynamic identity is based on typography and creates unique, unrepeated patterns. 
It underscores the fact that you never enter the same River Mall twice. 
With each new trip, something unique is waiting to greet you: new collections of clothes, movie premieres, speciality dishes, fresh products and pastries.

To keep the identity comfortable for everyone, we avoided creating any strict rules for using the logo. Instead, we developed a set of branded brushes for graphic editors to use as they please. And that's the truth. Complete freedom. Only the laws of chaos reign.

River Mall branding