Plans Work Wonders Campaign
#plans_Work_Wonders #plan_ahead 
They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, we say it begins with scribbling that very first step on paper; engraving your dream’s blueprints, following tight schedules, applying strict procedures while visualizing a future that no one else can see but you, just to achieve the unachievable.
No wonder ancient civilizations built wonders.
They had a dream, they had a vision and they planned ahead for it.
So next time you a have a wonderful dream, you make sure you plan it in “The Journey”.

Creative Ode Agency | Cairo & Dubai 

Creative Director: Ahmed Metwally
Creative Copywriter: Mahmoud Ashraf
Art Director: Eslam Selim
illustration: Shehab Mohammed
Graphic Designer: Toka Abdulkafi
Graphic Designer: Yousif Ibrahim
Graphic Designer: Toka Alaa
Senior Motion Designer: George Adel
Office Manager: Hend Halim
Plans Work Wonders Campaign