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    A marketing brochure I researched and wrote for prospective ASU students.
Inspiration fulfillment piece
writing, editing, curating exemplary stories
I contributed to the creative concept for this brochure, and was responsible for writing compelling copy. When faced with what to tell graduating high school seniors that would persuade them ASU is the best choice for them, I kept coming back to interviews I had done with prospective students. They can see through marketing and they don't want to hear the same old statements that can't be backed up. What they wanted was to know how they could fit in with people like themselves, and how they could figure out how to achieve their goals, whether they already knew they were headed to med school or whether they had no idea what they wanted out of college.
That's the concept: see what real projects real students are doing at that moment in time, and know that you can find your place here through your unique interests. I spent a lot of time researching examples of real-life projects students are working on, involving entrepreneurship, community service, study abroad and research. I wrote and edited four segmented versions of the final brochure.

See a PDF of the full inspiration brochure here.

Related project: this piece was mailed to all prospective student leads who had opted in through a lead-qualifying e-mail campaign I worked on.