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    Creating and Illustrating a book cover with promotional imagery for London-based Nigerian-German novelist, poet and playwright Olumide Popoola.
Cover Illustration for "Also By Mail" a play by  Olumide Popoola

"Also By Mail" is a modern family comedy-drama by author and poet Olumide Popoola. It follows the experiences of Nigerian German siblings Funke and Wale who fly to Nigeria to bury their suddenly deceased father. Their upbringing clashes with their uncle’s expectations and initial misunderstandings soon come to an éclat. When Wale returns to Germany, frustrated, he is bitterly reminded of how little his father acknowledged and prepared them for racist encounters there.
Loss and racism, sibling rivalry and cross-cultural etiquette, the play incorporates and subverses it’s urban, neo-African elements of story-telling to give a contemporary picture of a family that struggles not only with the legacy of its patriarch but with being racialized within the German context as well. Where does each stand in a circle of relations and needs? Where does each want to end up? And who is willing to help? It takes an inside-outside job to lighten the mood and the surprise startles them all.

Series: Witnessed Edition 2
Publisher: Edition Assemblage
Paperback, 142×205 mm
96 pages, 9.80 EUR [D]
ISBN 978-3-942885-38-6
Published 20th February 2013