"petunia" is an 6.5 inch Led mirror with unique lighting method which is bright but not harmful to eyes.

 "petunia" innovative applies mobile phone screen 
backlight technology to light mirror, 
which not only allows girls’ faces makeup color consistent 
in indoor and outdoor environment; 
but also illuminate the whole face even visual dead angles. 

Meanwhile, OLED no-blue light technology does not harm user's eyes. 
In terms of product design, 
we pursue oriental Zen design concept, 
so that every shape, 
structure and CMF is necessary but not redundant, 
minimizing product cost and price, 
making cutting-edge technology affordable to all girls

2019 Reddot Design Award & 2019 IDEA Finalist

Environment Harmony
We designers should shoulder responsibility of making long-lasting products.
“Petunia” does not coated with any paints, as products are hard to recycle and we should decrease the pressure of our beloved planet.
Meanwhile, LED mirror belongs to household accessory category, rather than a beauty tool. Therefore, we applied Zen design principle, so that every shape, structure and CMF is necessary but not redundant, minimizing product cost and price, making cutting-edge technology affordable to all the girls.
PureLux Lighting Transmission Technology

Rather than simply stick 50+ Led bulbs to the mirror, we applied mobile phone screen backlight technology to light mirror, which not only allows girls’ faces makeup color consistent in indoor and outdoor environment; but also illuminate the whole face even visual dead angles. Meanwhile, OLED no blue light technology does not harm user's eyes.

Basic Interaction

Basic lighting interaction contains 3 mode, each emphasis on different scenarios. For night, morning and detail illumination. With these 3 modes, users can easily adjust and flexibly choose their own effect on faces.

Extended Interaction

With mobile app to extend “petunia” functions and interactions, users can obtain more lighting scenarios with more specific on their daily uses. Moreover, they can also customize their own lighting scenarios to enhance using experience.

Thoughtful Details

For better using experience, we encourage users to extend their using scenarios. Therefore, we designed removable plates to easily carry in a suitcase; we also designed a big base plate to save table space and store makeup/skincare products. The Spinning mechanism allows 0-60 degree adjustment to fit in different table and human heights.


This "petunia" for white color and a magnetic magnifier is special edition for
and AMIRO brand is invested by XIAOMI.

Design Leader 

Chief Design Officer of AMIRO

Team Member

Zhilong CHENG
Wenjing LIU
Pinxuan LIU