TOTOUT_9 MEDS workshops Gent 2017
’People like to sit where there are places for them to sit’- Whilliam H. Whyte used to say. A flexible structure to gather, have a drink, watch sport-fields, talk and play. Whole structure is designed within the open structures system, so it can be disassembled and assembled in different ways.

Project:  Workshop project made as part of MEDS GENT 2017 in cooperation with the Totum organization and the Bricolage bar. Made to extend the space of the bar and create another
public structure to relax.
Initially, the concept focused on a modular form that could grow. The dynamism of this solution made it possible to provide space for fun and relaxation. Such concept of the project was presented to 17 participants, with whom for two weeks, during the workshops, we jointly designed the final form of this structure based on the amount of available materials.
We started with brainstorming and designing in CAD programs, then we prototyped the scale model and made the final concept in a 1: 1 scale.
The final form refers to the lighthouse or fortress. It has a flag made by participants crowning
the main module, which contains the relaxation space (two seats made of pallets and residual materials). The module is surrounded by platforms fixed at various levels.
Tutors: Amal Al-Shahari, Olga Kreft
Participants: Kejsi Fusha, Nune Aghasaryan, Aleksandra Sudnikovich, Natallia Nemogucheva, Aäron Leman, Pierre Ramaekers, Marketa Ekrtova, Shikha Garg, Siddhant Gupta, Helena Doboszová, Alice Cavicchi,
Elena Bacis, Nita Lloncari, Katja žagar, Adrian Alfonso Laborda, Michael Ryter, Dimitri Leimgrübler, Josh Berry
Local partner: TOTUM vzw
TOTOUT_9 MEDS workshops Gent 2017
Multiple Owners
Amal Al-Shahari