Salt - Online Movie Game

These are the original designs I have made for this game. I am very happy with the User Interface that I designed for this game... but it was changed before game release. I also designed and animated the intro sequence for this game. It was inspired from Opening Titles done by Digital Kitchen during the early 2000's.  

For the intro sound, I asked our sound engineer to produce a rough, static-like, military radio with touches of morse-code. I was very happy with the way it turned out. 
Salt (2010)
Client: Sony Pictures

My first project in Trigger was for Angelina Jolie and her spy-thriller film, Salt. Initially, I was asked to produce mockups and front-end designs only for an iPhone game but the client decided to carry over the Art Direction to other executions - which I thought was cool - so I ended up AD-ing the online movie game as well as helping out on the Official Movie Website.

The version in my portfolio is different  from the released version due to revisions and other things. I am only posting the original designs that I've done for this project.