Jet Set Radio

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  • Project:  Jet Set Radio
    Client:  Sega
    Blit Contribution:  port the original Dreamcast version to modern consoles and mobile devices
    Platforms:  PS3, X360, Steam, PSVita, iOS, Android
    Release date:  2012
  • An HD version of the game by Blit Software was released for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Windows in September 2012.
    Jet Set Radio sees you playing as a member of a rebellious gang called The GGs as they fight to gain control of the fictional Tokyo-to whilst dealing with rival gangs and the police. Your character rides using inline skates and is able to jump, grind on rails and skitch on the back of cars. The player can also use a boost to gain speed, which requires available boost in a meter which can be replenished by performing tricks and combos.
    The most common goal in the game is to spray over other gangs’ graffiti with your own, which requires the player to collect spraypaint cans littered across the stage. Small graffiti can be sprayed over by tapping the spray button whilst passing near them, and can be performed whilst jumping or grinding. Larger pieces of graffiti, however, require the player to follow a series of gestures using the analogue stick in order to spray over. Other missions include showdowns with rival gangs, such as following them along a certain route.
    At certain times, the police will be called in to chase after the player, often sending troops to slow down the player and firing weapons at them. Players will take damage from gunfire, as well as from falling from too great a height, but can be recovered by collecting health spray cans.