Concept design for Karaoke in Phan Thiet, VietNam
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    Concept design for 2 karaoke rooms in Vietnam
Concept design for 2 karaoke rooms in Phan Thiet.
I apply the NABC model from Demola Value Creation workshop in this small project.
Clients' Need: 2 different styles with feasible solutions, entertainment space with luxury feeling.
Approach: Lighting design + customized furnitures with built-in LCD screens + sound equipments + lighting and + fancy tables + couch
Benefit per Costs: in small area, 12-15 person/room, acceptable investment ( based on local contractor's quotation)
Competition: there will be more competitors in Phan Thiet near future - a well-developed city for tourism.
My first concept for the first room:
Feminish curve + gathering clouds on the black ceiling + round customized tables with lighting bases.
Revision: "clouds" are too much and they need bigger tables 
Final: Final ceiling + glazing wall for the built-in LCD
This second room, the concept is clear at the begining.
Square, strong shapes + red/ orange tone
I finished this work on January 2013. The local contractor just need the 3D model + basic layout drawings for construction. If I were in Vietnam, I used to follow up the process like material choosing and site visit.
In my opinion, the final product is more important than the presentation. However, this is a small project and well-done prototype < or visual views >. The clients like it. My task as a freelance interior designer is finished. 
I miss the working atmosphere while studying Finland. The winter seems endless with snow and snow. Hopefully it is not so windy in Tampere. I miss my hometown, my family and friends. It's not as easy as I thought about studying abroad in 2-3 years without home visit.