This project was presented in the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and contributed to the anticipated unveiling of the world’s first autonomous racer – the Robocar. We intended to showcase the key features of the car, making the presentation thrilling and informative to investors and the general public. It was widely highlighted in the media with a number of positive reviews as one of the most memorable presentations at MWC'17.
Client: Roborace
Year: 2017

Director: Igor Voloschuk
Art Direction: Oleg Butov, Aleksey Derzhavin
CG Supervision: Timur Mullayanov
Account Management: Igor Voloschuk, Emma Valter
Editing: Peter Voronov
Modeling: Oleg Butov, Dmitry Lebedko, Valentin Sorokin
Texturing: Oleg Butov
Rendering: Timur Mullayanov
3D Animation: Timur Mullayanov, Oleg Butov
Compositing: Aleksey Derzhavin
2D Animation: Aleksey Derzhavin, Egor Kalinichenko
Music&Sound Design: Monoleak studio
Storyboard Artist: Aleksey Derzhavin
Roborace MWC'17