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T H E G R E E N V A G O N , 2018

The story takes part in my childhood.
For about ten years in summer time , my family and I used to live in a small , green vagon. It was my granddad's mother home land and after his mother's death , the land she owned was split to four brothers. 
Being the youngest one  , my granddad got the littlest spot for his own property too.
We weren't poor but not that rich enough to buy ourselves a house there in the countryside.
So we got a used soviet vagon instead of it.
As the years progressed , oldest brother of granddad's started plotting how he could gain more land. So his thoughts came across us. He said to us it was not legal to live in a vagon instead of a house and threatened us that he'll call someone to deal with this situation we're ha
Being a calm , humble family we are , we didn't want any trouble so we just packed our things from the vagon and left that summer saying that we'll come back to take the vagon with us.
Little did we know - that same summer he had already arranged a deal that the vagon is going to be thrown away. And so he did it alone , without telling. 
Later that year , my family arrives to see the vagon was no longer in place - instead of it there was an empty land.
It was a sad time. After a while we figured out that it was my granddad's brother who tricked us in such way and stole our land. 
As being a child at that time I didn't know any of the details of the story and as I know about it now I still , as I did before , remember the good parts I had from that place. We had so little but we had a lot. My family struggled but they gave such a calm , soft impression to me even though the situation for them was like walking on glass. 
Even though I can't re-visit my childhood's favorite place that I had , I have memories from there and people that so hardly tried to create them for me.
The green vagon's still standing there to me even if it's not there anymore.


photo credits goes to my mom.

T H E G R E E N V A G O N , 2018

T H E G R E E N V A G O N , 2018