INNO calendar - product design
INNO calendar
Gifts and Premium design contest 2010
INNO calendar is my submission for Gift & Premium Design Contest 2010.
The main idea for this wood block calendar design is inspired by Poker
cards. It works as a desk display that requires forming, connecting and
building. The theme for this contest is Innovative Malaysia, therefore I
decided to generate the idea of having something which is creative yet can
serve as a multi-functional tool.

My design is formed by 9 pieces of wood blocks. To build your very own
desk display, simply insert the blocks to each other until you form a stable
structure. The building process symbolises Innovative Malaysia, because
it requires alot of co-operation to support each other and this is the spirit
that we, Malaysian, should have. Furthermore, the flexibility of the design
enables you to built any pattern or shapes you want as long as it is stable to
display on the tabletop. The benefit of different arrangements creates more
than 20 visual display. It is a fun and refreshing game to relax the mind
whenever in a stressful working environment . To build the desk display, it
requires the use of individual creativieness. Interactive design is always the
best way to keep human mind working and bring in new ideas. This might
leads to the increasing of work efficiency.

This calendar design is multi-functional. Each wood board plays a different
role in its function. It can be a photo frame, cup holder, plant holder, pen
holder, stationery holder, and even just a table calendar. It seriously depend
on invidual taste.

Material used for my design is made out of wood. The texture from the
wood block makes it look classy and corporate-like. As we all know, wood
is cost efficient and it is eco-friendly. For colour wise, the wood background
colour creates a Zen mood in the office environment, makes it soothing for
the eye. The striking orange colour is used to highlight the important
information on the wood board calendar.
INNO calendar - product design

INNO calendar - product design

Multi-functional calender

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