Guards of Kamchatka
Visual Effects for documentary Film
     The film “Guards of Kamchatka ” is telling about the defense of Petropavlovsk in 1854 during the Crimean War. It was shown in the cinemas in October 2018.

     The TV anchorman Valdis Pelsh tells about the history of the defense of Petropavlovsk in the film, actors Xenia Rappoport and Dmitry Pevtsov read the hero diaries. Filming took place in Kamchatka, on the ship-party to the events of Trincomalee, in Hartlepool, as well as in St. Petersburg and Peterhof.

     In this film you will  find the history of how, at the height of the Crimean War, in the summer of 1854, a squadron of six French and British ships arrives in Petropavlovsk - the eastern border of the country, cut off from the capital of the Russian Empire three months' journey, with a population of 1531 people and a very small garrison. On their sides, the 212 guns and the 2250 man are well-equipped professional military men and sailors. This did not stop the residents of Petropavlovsk, who decided to give battle to uninvited guests.

this documentary film is available for free on youtube
    Our team created more the 4 minutes for pure full CG content showing navy battles and maneuvers of the ships in the harbor of Petropavlovsk. We also did some set-extension and mattepaint-cleaunps in live plates. 
VFX breakdown
This project was completely developed by Trehmer Film team starting from storyboard and previzes.
Concept art \ Design
    We did created 9 ships in a very short amount of time. The client provided us some geometry and textures but there were still tons of lookdev and FX work to do. Here are turntables of some of them.
Ships FX
    Assuming the fact we had quite calm sea without heavy waves we decided to avoid per shot simulation of sails and ropes and created cached loop simulations for both elements for each ship.
part of long-loop cached simulation
We created pre-cached seamless seascape to integrate ships onto it.
early lookdev test
final approved look
 result with ships, ground, mattepaints and final compose
FX assets
    We had lots of FX to be done in a very short amount of time. One of the most seen effect is water interaction with ships. Assuming similar water line shape of all our ships we did the same trick as with SeaLookdev - long-loop 3d mesh cache and foam particles that can be linked to any of the ship.
typical ship shape reusable in loop for any of the ship we had
the only one unique steam ship with smokeFX also
3D water exlosion library
For quick and efficient work build precached 3D explosions with water mesh and volume data
The same we did for ground explosions
And the same for the gunfires.
We`ve started from scratch creating storyboard and previz. In this gallery you may see selected pics from the storyboard.
Miniature map
There is a block of explaining video of the geography and choreography. The was an nice location in library and we`ve added interactive miniature map on top of the table.
Directed by   
Nikita Snegov

Produced by    
Valdis Pelsh and Elena Potanina

Trehmer Film Crew
VFX Supervisor
Konstantin Listratov
Sergey Savenkov

Ekaterina Gosteva
Evgeniya Salnikova

Vlad Fedosov

 Animation & Previzes
Aleksandr Nemenkov
Andrey Storozhuk
Roman Ivanyuchenko
Aleksandr Oplanchuk

Concept Art&Matte
Andrey Cherepanskiy

Pavel Ivanov
Roman Ivanyuchenko

Alex Alekhin
Konstantin Listratov
Roman Ivanyuchenko
Artemov Vitaliy
Roman Sazhenov
Chernobay Vasiliy
Sergey Konorev
Viktoriya Malova
Valentin Melkov

Vitaliy Artemov
Sergey Konorev
Eugeniy Stefanov
Alex Alekhin
Aleksey Makarchuk
Dmitriy Gorokhov
Maksim Maksimov

Roman Moiseev
Dmitry Aleksandrov
Roman Ivanyuchenko
Dmitry Polbitsyn
Vitaliy Musatov
Maksim Chemyakin

Guards Of Kamchatka

Guards Of Kamchatka

Visual effects and concept arts for historical documentary film about defense Petropavlovs Kamchatskiy in the year 1854.

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