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    Mini robot toy design made of bamboo. Original designer's toy project.
Chibitto is a mini bot that is simple yet eye catching design. Made of ecological bamboo as the material, hand sanded and hand finished with natural bees wax. This product can be purchased online here. This is very small so not suitable for young children to play with. If handled by children, they should be closely supervised by an adult. Junichi Tsuneoka, the maker of this toy is not responsible for any damage/accident caused by this product.
The arm parts have magnet so it's easy to assmeble and the arms are movable.
It comes with special tin case.
Very small and cute, it's about 2 in. tall.
I use the left over bamboo plate space for a part of the packaging to reduce any waste.
Vector blue pirnt image
One of the initial wood comp for earlier development stage.
Some of the initial sketch in very earlier stage. The earlier concept was meant to be a lot bigger with more details but I decided to make it simpler for easier and affordable production.