Chulalongkorn Business School (CBS)
Chulalongkorn is the oldest and one of the best university in Bangkok, Thailand. 
It's main emblem called "Pra kiao" a Thai style coronet, which used in a uniform, a formal letter,
transcript and etc.
This work is a conceptual re-branding for Chulalongkorn Business School, which used to 
call Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy. The brief is to re-design the brand to make it more
international but still keep the old traditional identity. Tha mandatories for the logo are 
1. Use signature blue color of the faculty as a main color. 
2. Use "Pra kiao" emblem in a logo. 
3. Represent a faculty name by using an abbreviation "CBS".
4. Create a signature icon for the faculty
Concept "Moving Forward" 
The starting point comes from a junk ship which is a traditional symbol of a commerce and accountancy faculty. The symbol is minimalised down by using only sail canvas to represent the whole ship.
All 5 sail canvas can also represent 5 majors in the faculty and the shape is integrated with an arrow to represent "Moving forward" concept design.
Color theme
Business card
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