I recreated the logo from original draw with Photoshop. Then i modified the vector in Illustrator and i saved it for Illustrator 8 format because Cinema 4D can read it directly. Rendering was done with Vray and the glow were generated in After effects by blurring the duplicated layer with screen blending setup.*

The quality is poor, it was rendered with SD resolution because the video (which was made in the year 2003) is SD resolution too.

I left the video editing for DIrector. But if i would finish the editing, i would "fade in" this intro and then freeze the last frame for a while and then "fade out".
This was the version which director choosed for his re-edited movie.
I changed the glow overflow come earlier, it was director's request.
And here the intro with smoke effects which i created with DPit effex (plugin for C4D)
This was one test with smoke. I tried to change smokes position for better composition but director thought that intro will look cheap if it has more than the logo itself. It does looks quite cheap indeed, and this was quite funny because it looks like the logo is burning :)
This is the final render with glow effect wich i created in After effects.
This is the first final render.