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    Anti Rhino Poaching
My Blog today is about something very close to my heart. I grew up in the Kruger National Park and my parents owned a Game Lodge for many years so I grew to love all wild animals. The only animal I'm afraid of is a cow but we won't go into that today. I'm a conservationist and I believe that everything and everyone (including animals) plays a big part of survival. I do not believe that poaching Rhino's for their horns is needed for surviving.
In the last few years Rhino Poaching has gotten so bad that we only have a few left and if people don't start waking up and realizing that a Rhino's horn can not make you perform better sexually or cure sickness then we won't have any left by the time I have kids. I want my kids to know what a Rhino is. I want them to see them and see what I see when I look at those beautiful creatures. The other day I heard some guy from the ANC I'm guessing speak on the radio and he said something like we don't have to worry about the Rhino Poaching anymore. If all the Rhino's are gone they will just make the Hippo one of the big five. You can imagine the curse words coming out of my mouth that day. Do these people really think we are worried about not having the big five? We are worried about the RHINOS!
There are some amazing people out there trying to save the Rhino's. I have added their websites to my links if you would like to check them out. Stop Rhimo Poaching has a group called the Hawks who are situated in different camps in The Kruger and they drive around every day looking for suspicious vechiles, fences that have been cut and talk of people asking around about rhino sightings. Just the other day they caught 4 guys trying to poach two Rhino's and I think they shot two of them. The poachers were using camouflage. I have added a photo to my gallery where you can see the Hawks in action.
One person alone can not stop what is going on so I have decided to try and contact some major names over seas to get them on the cause to stop Rhino poaching. Follow me on my blog and I will keep you updated and please share this with friends and family.
Wouldn't you must rather see this?
The Hawks in action!
The Rhino Orphanage
The Rhino Orphanage
Dogs trained to sniff out poachers.
An Idiot posing with a Rhino he just shot