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    &Reach Artist: Niklas Lundberg, Personal Self-Portrait and inside look at Workspace/Studio
Niklas Lundberg (diftype) is an illustrator born and raised in Umeå, Sweden. Over eight years, he has developed a unique and evocative style of contemporary art, notable for it's fine detail, dramatic lighting and intense textures. He has worked with a wide range of international clients including Nissan, Infiniti, Red Bull Racing and the Grammy's and has been featured around the world in various books, publications, and leading design magazines such as IdN Magazine and Computer Arts.

Currently residing in Borås, Sweden, Niklas is a firm believer in artistic experimentation, maintaining a clutter free desk, the restorative powers of a cold beer and the virtues of vegan Indian food. He kicks back with Cypress Hill and the Batman movies whilst polishing a selection of the 2500 strong POG collection he amassed during his early career as his school's resident slammer champion.
This is the extraordinary Niklas Lundberg's creative dojo.
Niklas Ludberg's personal portrait, beginning stages.
Completed Niklas Lundberg Self-Portrait.

"To celebrate my new representation with &Reach, I was asked to create a portrait that expressed my style."
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