WERS 88.9 Redesign Proposal

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  • WERS 88.9 Redesign Proposal
    Because the current site seriously needs an overhaul
  • A few friends of mine who used to work at WERS 88.9 FM encouraged me to redesign the official website [ http://wers.org ] after seeing my work for the On-Air podcast [ that was also on the station, see my official portfolio to check it out ]. I passed on it initially but last night I had a bit of insomnia so I tackled this head-on in a few hours.

    Please visit the official site first [ http://wers.org ] to compare.

    Inspired by Cameron Moll [ who is a really influential designer who I assume most of you know ] and his presentation I watched a few weeks ago, I tried to do more "re-aligning" than actual "re-designing". But of course, the web designer in me could not be tamed that much.

    I also made some color mods to match with Emerson College's school colors, gold and royal purple. This was non-commissioned of course but maybe they'll like the design enough. What do you think?