2018 Redesign 2018 Redesign
Before this, was poorly designed, full of script errors, poor following of the latest web trends, and has low web standard compliance.
First thing is first, I had to do redesigns properly, starting from the top ending to the bottom. Wireframes, flowcharts, and prototypes were made.
Wireframe Design
A prototype of the website is simulated in (to view live simulation, send me a message so I can invite you to the board).  The prototype was the original design and will not look like the current website, as you can see has vast differences as websites always evolve, at least once a week there will always be changes.
Prototype Screens
A Trip Down the memory Lane
(The following images are depictions of websites not designed by me)
This is what looked like before the redesign. 
2004: The very first time actioncoach had a website. 
2008: After the website went down from 2005 to 2007.  Yes, I mean went DOWN: as in web page does not exist.
2015: A precursor to the last one before the big change. This is actually the same theme that progressed until 2017.
2016-2017: The last one before the big change. 
Working with ActionCOACH
I worked on ActionCOACH's websites from 2017 to 2019. One of the most difficult thing I had to deal with was ActionCOACH's brand standards: the bright blue and the eye-sore red were too hard to work with to make a good colour theme for a website (the old brand standard never separated print colours from web colours… and any decent graphic designer would know that CMYK colours don't translate very well when viewed on the web). I created new brand standards for the web that made the colours a little less saturated and good for viewing on a computer screen. 
The website launched in February 2018.  The website's new design achieved:

• Increased organic search traffic by 27%, and direct traffic by 2%.
• The website load speed improved from 12.77s to 2.13s and HTTP requests down from 166 to 111.
• Fix discrepancies in ranking, web standard compliance, and compliance in design principles. 2018 Redesign
Published: 2018 Redesign redesign project that made the actioncoach official website compliant and up to web trends and standards.


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