Modular Barista Station for GOOSEBUMPS
Eye-catching design // mobile construction

At first glimpse the barista station designed for Goosebumps Coffee looks like a statuesque counter, for which the inspiration originates from contemporary monolithic architecture. This counter, however, is not an ordinary furniture: it is used at events of different sizes and styles, hence the need for a system that is easy to dismantle and transport.

The removable covers and different worktop modules are mounted to an aluminum frame. The worktop modules give space to different functions: the various coffee arms, the steam wand, the grinder and other tools necessary to make specialty coffee.

Not only a counter, but a modular system

Since each event - and the venues they are kept in - are all different, we designed the system in a way that its modular elements can be assembled into multiple sizes, but in each composition, it keeps its remarkable and clean design.
The counter consists of 1-meter wide weight-bearing elements that can be assembled in line, and the covers and worktop modules with different functions come onto this base. Besides that, the counter’s backwall is modular as well: there is a module with a drawer and cup warming function; a cup holder; a module with a door; and an open module where the fridge fits perfectly.
project info:
name: Modular Barista Station
client: Goosebumps Coffee
design agency: WYN.DESIGN (former MOBILSOFA Studio)
production company: MOBILSOFA
completion: 2018

concept & design: Tamás Boldizsár
structure & setting design: Tamás Boldizsár, Gergő Gelei, Máté Mohari
project management: Zsófi Sályi
animation: István Szécsényi
photo: Tamás Boldizsár
video: Ciaran Jackson
Modular Barista Station for GOOSEBUMPS