Above: an early stage rough illustration
Barilla "Let's create a Love Story together!"
A Facebook Contest
I had the pleasure to work with a group of talented people for Barilla Greece, our new client. Barilla asked from Rascal to create a Facebook contest communicating the perfect match between the Barilla pasta and the Barilla sauce products. The project was very interesting as it was the first digital action of Barilla Greece so we had to build from scratch the social media strategy and tone of voice for the brand. I'd like to share with you some first visuals at early stages and then explain the final choice.
More than 10.000 friends of Barilla installed the Facebook app at the first week. Very soon we celebrated the 20.000 fans and right now (March the 7th)  we are counting 28.000 fans.
Early stage UI and Visual Concepts
Above: Application cover Vector illustration - Early stage visual concept
Above: An early stage UI concept - A rejected idea for an easy quiz
Above: Even more UI experimentation and early stage concepts
The Brief
In a glance: create a facebook contest in order to engage Barilla fans, for one month, communicating the perfect match between the pasta and sauce Barilla products. Educate users regarding the Barilla pasta and sauce collection. Requests: Fans should use the application every day, fans should ask from friends to install the app and take part together at the contest, fans should be able to share their participation on their wall. The application mechanism should be able to reward users for their engagement, in other words, the more the user is using the app the more are the chances to win!
Above: The Facebook App Cover Page. Heart illustration came from Barilla Italy.
The Idea
The choice and match of a Barilla Pasta and a Barilla Sauce is so personal and so unique as it is the way we choose our friends and our pairs. Barilla represents passion for pleasure and authentic Italian taste. What could offer more joy than sharing moments of pleasure with the friends or the people we love the most? A human relation can be expressed with words, a Barilla relation (between pasta and sauce) can be expressed with delight and passion for perfection. So, combine words with taste and passion and you've got "Delight Together". Our Facebook contest.
Above: Once the app is installed the users are able to read the instructions and learn about the prizes
The Mechanism
1. Sending the invitation
Every user can invite up to 3 friends per day to participate together at the contest. The invitation sender will make his/her personal choice of Barilla Pasta. Every pasta product represents a specific phrase that will be sent to the other "half" (the receiver). The Copywriter did a remarkable job writing some very inspiring phrases that were able to reflect passion, love, the product specifics as well as the brand values.
Above: Selecting a friend from the list
Above: Friend selected!
Above: Choice of pasta and phrase.
2. Receiving the invitation
Then the invitation receiver will have to read the phrase, and decide how he/she will complete the phrase (between 3 choices). Every phrase represents a different Barilla Sauce.
Above: Receiving invitation from friends and selecting one of them.
Above: Reading the first half of the phrase and accepting the invitation.
Above: Selecting the second half of the phrase.
Above: The phrase is now complete and the user can discover the sauce behind his/her choice.
3. The outcome
Every couple will finally make a personal choice, a unique combination of Barilla pasta and Barilla sauce, completing an inspiring phrase. At the end both users will share their choice on their wall entering the contest, having the chance to win Barilla Products and for two lucky persons and Apple iPhone and an Apple iPad.
Above: Sharring the contest personalised content on the user wall.
More UI
In order to complete the application I had to design about 45 different screens for different functionalities. I will not include all of them at this post, only the most important.
Above: Yep, this is the main menu. Translating from Greek: Invite a friend, Accept invitations from friends, Check your participation, Information, Raffles and Prizes, Italian Restaurants using Barilla Pasta.
Above: Daily raffles and Prizes
Above: Perfect match!
Above: Keeping the Photoshop Layers tidy and making buttons, buttons and... more buttons.
Above: And finally, some of the product images used at the app.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,
Vector Hugo

Creative Director
Nikos Petropoulos

Art Director / UI Designer / Illustrator
Themis Chapsis
― aka Vector Hugo ―

Vily Galazoula

Account Supervisor
Sophia Criticou

Technical Supervisor
Helen Magonaki

Back-End Developer
Dimitris Korakis

Front-End Developer
Danny Agathagelaki

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