Kotex, underwent a global rebrand and repositioning; placing women at the forefront of their brand by adopting the 'she symbol' as their logo and declairing that #PeriodOrNotSheCan.

Aside from the TVC and OOH elements executed by our ATL partner, as the digital lead, we needed to make the campaign relevant to our audiences. We did this by creating unique and relatable augmented reality experiences, accessible anywhere, triggered by the Kotex logo.

We took the campaign further on our social platforms by creating content that would compliment her lunar menstural cycle. During the four weeks of a womens cycle, as we found, there are lesser known biological benefits that women experience and can take advantage of. So we showed women how they can empower themselves and each other, with their natural cycles because #PeriodOrNotSheCan.   


Illustrator:    Gerhard van Wyk
Developers:  Pixel Chefs
ECD:            Ernst Van Der Merwe
Copywriter:   Abas Rashid
Art Director:  Tiffany Cox
                    Johann 'Witbrood' Botha
                    Rowa Zheng