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Brand Revamp: Updated Style Guide & Imagery

Project Goal: To update logos/designs and reinforce brand cohesion within the scope of all product offerings. ConnXus is a B2B SaaS company offering SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and Supplier Diversity solutions for procurement teams.

Brand Assessment

To better understand the brand, I talked with different stakeholders and departments within the organization, as well as our supplier and buyer clients. I did some market research in the procurement space to identify competitors and opportunities, and assessed gaps our brand or content might have. 

I took an inventory of all brand assets and reviewed our current style guide. I found that our brand and products convey simplicity and innovation. However, our marketing assets were inconsistent with this message and outdated in many places. The photo grid below shows a few pages of the ConnXus style guide:
I found we weren't using the correct brand colors on our website (or even our logo!) and noticed the stylized body text (Eurostile font in all-caps) made our content very difficult to read. Many of our graphics also violated the style guide, as specific color and logo rules were not reinforced. The product flyer, product wheel, and individual product icons are shown as examples:
The product flyer and wheel were both hard to read. The product icons didn't shrink well and were ill-adapted for mobile use. The designs were too complicated, and the trademark symbol (as well as the "X" motif) inside the icons were hard to discern. The use of red on black did not offer sufficient contrast and often strained the eyes. This is also seen in the product flyers we bring to industry trade shows and conferences. You can view a few below (they're a bit cramped and busy).
Having reviewed the most current brand assets, I set out to define the most basic components of the style guide - font, logo spacing, and corporate colors. I visualized different ways to update our color palette, fonts, text guidelines, and corporate logos. Below is a screenshot of my brainstorming document, which I shared with team members for feedback.
Product Icons Redesign

I made different variations of the product icons by playing around with the imagery and symbolism. For a few, I thought the icons could better represent the product with a complete redesign, and the "X" motif (which is part of the ConnXus logo) could be more naturally incorporated into each icon.
The team picked out concepts they wanted me to explore further, so I refined the designs and made drafts with cohesive line thickness for visual unity.
I then began to color the logos to fit the corporate color palette. A few icons were changed as new products were added and older ones removed. The first iteration (left) mimics the ConnXus mark (black X in the middle of a gray circle). However, my manager wanted the logos to be more like the fingerprint one with the red circle around each icon, so I revised the color scheme and made all-white versions (for dark backgrounds), as well as scaleable versions for in-app use.
Corporate Style Guide

After the product icons were done, I revisited the style guide, paying close attention to logo rules, color combination rules, and typeface. Below are images of the final PDF approved by the team.
Pre-approved Assets

I updated a few marketing pieces by making sure they were in the correct file format and color space. The product wheel was updated with a new product launch that ties all procurement solutions together. The product flyer and all individual flyers were made from scratch in Adobe InDesign, an easier format to work with than Photoshop PDFs & JPG exports, which were previously used.

Putting the assets on the company intranet and organizing them into easy-to-use categories, my hope is that team members will more easily be able to find ConnXus imagery and send to media partners/use them as needed. 
Brand Revamp: Updated Style Guide & Imagery

Brand Revamp: Updated Style Guide & Imagery

Brand and design revamp for software startup company in supply chain - redid style guide and changed marketing imagery/corporate product logos.