Turizmus Summit 2018

The Hungarian Tourism Agency reports on its activities to the tourism industry annually during a major event. In 2018, the event was organised in Müpa, and we were asked to design its identity.

The visual concept was based on the tourism brand of Hungary, which we had previously created, and which has been showcased at the event. The grid mesh used at the country brand was inspired by the endless pattern on the sabretache plate from Galgóc. The pattern on the artwork is unique and can be easily transposed into today’s graphic world. The tendril-like net pattern originally involved three-leaf palmette motifs, but we filled it with new content and re-edited it according to a more geometric, stricter system of rules.

Our goal was to present a different approach to the original image system. The contrasting colours, the rhythmic graphical motifs made the entire event very characteristic, which was not completely blatant for the architecture of the building. Whilst there was a connection between the tourism brand of Hungary and the event, its design still showed a completely different character to the participants. In addition to the classic event tools, we were tasked with producing several video content and, in collaboration with other teams, the event showcased a number of animations.

Client: Hungarian Tourism Agency
Art Director: Dávid Drozsnyik
Graphic Design: Luca Héjja
Animation: Artificial Group

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Turizmus Summit 2018