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    Visual Merchandising Window Display for Shivoms Classics Tailor
The unique selling point of tailors is that their clothings are custom made, one of a kind and made to fit.
The look and feel that applied is a classic and elegant style. Hence you can see the formality and simplicity in the colour used, it shows one of the process done by a tailor, while making a man’s suit. Black background with white thread is used and to show a simple style and it also looks similar to a tailor’s sewing pattern. The mannequin showcases female garments as this is to show a gender contrast since the background shows a male’s suit. In the foreground, there is a sewing machine needle. This is the interaction part of the window display where it will move up and down, as the sewing machine is an essential tool for a tailor.
As for the tagline, it came about from the anatomy of “The perfect suit”. A right suit is fitted perfectly by a tailor and it is definitely more worth it to spend $1200 on a tailor-made suit than a $800 off-the-rack suit as it is longer lasting. Classic is timeless. It’s finest and it’s a masterpiece. Hence the tagline “Perfect Fit of a masterpiece”