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    Chang Beer Value pack of 4 and seasonal packaging
My Alcoholic packaging design is based on ‘Chang Beer’ which is a beer from thailand, since this beer is selling at a low cost, i’ve designed it in a value pack of 4. This carrier box was inspired by the elephant carriage used on the elephants in thailand. It has a tuck structure to secure the weight of the bottles, it is also easy to carry around. Graphics applied on the box are patterns from thailand’s textiles which will be found on the ‘clothes’ worn on the elephant, i also used waves which relates to the ‘New Year’. In Thailand, the New Year as known as Songkran celebration is celebrated by throwing water. The main colours applied throughout the label and packaging are: green, ocre (gold), white and minimal red. As the theme for my packaging is ‘celebration’ and ‘ the new year’, for the beer labels i designed it like the cloth that will be worn on elephants. Overall the look and feel of the box is simple and fits just right for the price of the Chang Beer.