I would like to share with you the full rebranding for a bakery that is well known to every local consumer, this is the oroszhegyi Vidéki Pékség based in Transylvania. After 23 years, they decided to refresh their image.
They wanted to have a clean, modern and elegant brand that perfectly reflects the quality of their products. 

The oroszhegyi Vidéki Pékség has been supplying Udvarhely and it’s region with bakery
products since 1995.
The small business bakery products are currently available for purchase in over 130 stores.
In 2007, there was a major change in the history of the bakery, as it moved into a completely
new environment, a new building built to meet current requirements.
The new bakery uses both traditional and new technologies.
Since spring 2008, their product range has been expanded with confectionery products.
In 2013, the traditional potato homemade bread was awarded the Székely product trademark.
The principle of the Vidéki Pékség is to combine new ideas and traditions, to keep the food
safety standards and in this way to produce the best quality
products to meet consumers
requests. For the Vidéki Pékség, clients are not only customers but also friends.


Branding, packaging design, motion graphics
Attila Hadnagy

Logo & Project
Qubed Agency

Produckt Tales

pattern evolution

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