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    Purple Sage advertising poster designs
I came out with the tagline “We meet the most challenging ideas, for that unique experience.” With this tagline, it tells the public how purple sage will actually go the extra mile when they meet challenging ideas or customers and solve them, providing customers with the most unique experience they will get.
My concept is done in a series of 3 posters, and for the first,  it shows a waiter/ butler holding a stack of plates, and this represents a challenge. On the background, there is a picture of the “leaning tower of Pisa, Italy”. With This background, it is to show that if your ideal wedding/ function was to be a total “Italy” theme, Purple sage can do it too. I used the colors of the Italy flag to emphasize Italy as the backdrop.
For the second design, it shows a champagne pyramid, which you will see at cocktail receptions and wedding banquet dinner. Just like the first design, the champagne pyramid also represents challenge, as it is not easy to stack up so many glasses. At the backdrop there is an image of the Eiffel tower this time round, as the shape of the champagne tower is similar to the Eiffel tower. Like the first design, the backdrop of the country shows and blue, red and white is applied on this poster, which is the colors France’s flag.
Lastly for the third poster, it reflects on the Chinese experience with the dim sum stack along with the Chinese pagoda on the back and also the colour theme used for this poster is red and yellow which are the colours of the flag of China.