Satorisan, Live by the Walk
Satorisan, the Spanish Footwear Brand, on the occasion of the new spring-summer footwear collection 2013, has decided to create a campaign and a new website, in order to introduce not only its new products but also values that define this brand and its creations.

This new campaign, with 'Live by the Walk' as slogan, invite us to think literally about what we're going to see. We'll see through Satori's eyes, the mythological creature that gives name to the brand, a universe similar to ours but really revealing. While we discover the new pieces of this collection, we'll accompany five different characters (a savage girl, an idealist who loves Natural World, a passionate boy, a dreamer and a visionary) in their experience among friends and we'll be witnesses of their adventures and their personalities.

Singularity is a feature in Satorisan Products and it's an essential value to be transmitted. So, the new campaign is an invitation to reflect on the importance of singularity because all of us are unique and that's why life is so rich and splendid. 

So Satorisan gives us a simple but powerful message: don't stop believing in yourself and Live by the Walk!
My Role: Art Direction, Character Design and Illustrations
Creative Direction and Strategy: David NavarroPepe Villaverde
Art Direction and Design: David Navarro
Development: Ingamana
Design support & Photoshoot: RVM
Client: Satorisan