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Digital communications agency focusing in user experience and strategic development. As part of a UX team including a user researcher, two UX designers and a development team, I was their visual designer for developing their company website.

The Challenge: Communicate complex ideas through visual elements and interactions while simultaneously defining their visual identity from scratch.

SCOPE/Business Goals
Communicate company ethos:
- Technology
- People/Human Element
- Hope
- Collaboration

After receiving high-level direction and business goals, we were able to collaboratively brainstorm ideas on how to effectively communicate the company's identity.

Ideas discussed:
- Highlight staff to connect to the humans behind the work.
- Communicate the uniqueness of the team (creative spirit, wit + humor, playfulness, and excellence).
- Create a sense of openness/warmth and professionalism.
As a part of one of the dynamic challenges we faced, we went through several rounds of making high fidelity mockups only for it to be discarded for a new idea. This idea was based on initial sketches and brainstorming shown above.
Going off of the core ethos of the company, we wanted to add in some humanizing elements and playful interactions on our team page. We used custom photography and clever interactions to accomplish this.

Using a grid format, we included bios of each team member which could be expanded from clicking on each image. Hover states were added to the profile pictures that produced a self-designated title for each team member, such as "Ironman", "Honey Badger" and "Bean-Counter". 

We also utilized custom photography throughout the website design that I was able to produce for each of our team members and other aspects of the site.
The final chosen space exploration theme represents innovation, human excellence, and technology. The color orange was chosen for warmth and vibrance. I created abstract illustrations inspired by different cosmos phenomena, that represented complex ideas such as consolidation of information, knowledge management and keeping people connected. 
Footer: I had the idea to represent the meaning of the company name in a dictionary definition format as a clever way to help reinforce authority in our field and to communicate the added layer of insight to the company ethos.
Use of multi-column grid layout and tailoring imagery and iconography for fully responsive site.
Room for Improvement
There were a lot of growing pains during this process that included trying to determine who we were as a team and as a company. 

We had to learn how to function effectively and efficiently as we progressed through this project. We spent a lot of time changing directions with each new idea that sparked but should have defined our process and stuck to it to get optimal results. 

My after-analysis would include pointing out the disconnect between the cosmos illustrations on the home page and the illustrations and photography used on secondary pages. I would also recommend more user-testing and a more iterative process to refine this design.
Breyta Website Design

Breyta Website Design



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