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    The Red String of Fate - A book on Chinese marriage customs
Inspired by the number seven which symbolises ‘togetherness’, ‘the red string of fate’ is about two person being connected together. This book is to educate readers about the chinese traditional marriage customs and practices. “It is important to appreciate and understand our cultural roots as it allows us to cultivate a sense of closeness with Singapore and her rich traditions” (quoted from Chinese Heritage Foundation Singapore).
For my coverpage, i used the idea of ‘connect the dots’ which is reflecting on how the red string connects two. The look and feel of the book is inspired by Shanghai Chinese poster art.
I did the postcard design based on the same connect the dots concept like my cover page. The two postcards will connect and form a heart shape which symbolises love connected as one. And for the posters to promote the book launch, i used the same style approach in the book, using only red and white which represents chinese culture in Singapore.