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    Combine the past and present in a possible or impossible future.
The Fantastic Art of RACRUFI
My passion is the science fiction art and futuristic aesthetic although in Mexico there are no schools of art or great concept art, nor a market where they sell my work, I have sought ways to continue learning and creating this kind of art on my own. At first with drawings and illustrations and gradually evolve to this day with largescale works made with acrylic on canvas, in addition to digital artwork.

My work has been published in various print and electronic media in Mexico and the world, for example ILLUSTRATRORS 39, Book of the Society of Illustrators, NY, or spectrum, the the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art has also appeared in the popular magazine Heavy Metal Sci-Fi in NY, among other publications and websites.
Some of these works were exhibited at the Stendhal Gallery in New York. In Mexico, the Mexican Chamber of plasticity, in addition to universities and other cultural spaces.
I work in my studio in Mexico city making my own csi-fi artwork, only interrupted by
several companies commisions who ask for advertising art.