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    A Victorian style etiquette pocket book, for a modern event.
The Cavalier's Guide to Good Loeries Etiquette
Every year, the Loerie Awards celebrates the best in South African Advertising. Over 3 000 delegates descend on the host city for a weekend of great work, socialising, networking and to be honest, a rip-roaring party. But sometimes, the reputations that are built on the caliber of great work are brought crashing down. This is no thanks to inadequate behavior, failing to make a good impression with your work or your personality and of course, the chance to party as hard as you possibly can, in front of your industry peers.
For 2012 we sought to guide these often young and impressionable creatives through the festival in a manner that allowed them to let loose and have a good time, but still walk away with their reputations intact.
Staying true to the style of our agency (The Jupiter Drawing Room), the delegates were presented with a leather-bound, gold-foiled, 64-page book. With the contents representing those of a Victorian gentleman’s guide, the book delivered pertinent information, but in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. Through its chapters, the book discussed the topics of Travel, Accommodation, Networking, Awards and the Parties. There were also tributes to local industry greats with insightful icebreakers that anyone could use when approaching these people.
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