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DE&DE/Blueberry flat
Blueberry flat​​​​​​​

This three-rooms apartment is located in historical center of Saint-Petersburg on Petrogradskiy island.
Interior is implemented in up to date eclectic style where classic elements live in harmony with pure minimalism.
Interior is decorated with classic stucco that camouflages ultramodern invisible door. Creative paint style decorates walls of the bedroom wardrobe and balcony. 

Gorgeous at deco chandeliers by Itallamp embellish interior of kitchen-living room area and live in harmony with minimalistic magnet track spots.
Marvelous stone texture of Flaviker large format ceramics decorate bathroom, hall and kitchen area.

Kitchen area is represented by Ernestomeda brand with its high tec dining area table solutions. Living area is embellished with gorgeous Baxter sofa, for dining and bar area Eichholz brand was chosen.
DE&DE/Blueberry flat
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