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3D Modeling & Animation

3D Modeling:
A couple of cars I modeled and textured for Mad Hen Games. 2016 
Some low resolution (low polygon count) models I designed and created for a pizza delivery mobile game. They are meant to be viewed from a bird's eye view in game. 2014
A 3D character and illustration I made to augment a T-Shirt. 2016 
A serene little environment I made as part of a pitch to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. We were going to augment this scene on the front of their Pale Ale bottles. 2013
A 3D scene of a convenience store utilizing mostly texture work. 2014
Tools: Autodesk Maya, Mixamo Fuse (base model and base skeleton)
Here's a demo of the technical rig I created to power the animation.
This is the finished animation augmented on the shirt. 2015
I used a handheld 3D scanner to scan a real person, creating a digital point cloud which we used as the basis for our 3D model. We also captured texture data in the scan and used it to create the textures. Modeling by Trent Bennett. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

I did some of the texture work on this, and I animated her speaking a pretty lengthy amount of content; in both English and Spanish, which can be seen in the app. 2014
An animation exercise. I created this animation and video for a presentation to convince management to hire me a voice actor. 2013
3D Modeling & Animation