Reclaiming Utopia

In December 2018 Kajet Journal organised a one-day zine/riso-workshop in Milan with Belli and Choriso Press, that materialised into an improvised 40-page publication—Journey into Infinity.

"The future is certain," begins an old Soviet joke.
"It's the past which is unpredictable" culminated a rather distressing punch-line.
Drawing on the inevitability with which the past can reaffirm itself in the future, the workshop focused on the mechanisms through which meaning can be given to a future that did not happen. The participants were thus provided with a rather troublesome and complicated task: to reclaim, reimagine, and redesign their own utopia.

Workshop participants created their own artworks/text-based pieces, comprising up to two pages of content, which are included included in a collaborative publication. By printing individual artworks—that may range from collages, illustrations, sketches to bodies of text—the outcome will be a body of printed matter that is exclusively the result of the combination of imaginations & interpretations of the participants attending the workshop.
Reclaiming Utopia