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  • Arek

    Designer: Khajag Apelian
    Released on: November 2012
    Scripts: armenian, latin
  • Arek is a powerful multi-weight type system with an innovative matching Armenian cursive. Originally designed for school books, it responds well to a range of editorial environments.

    Arek has a strong calligraphic presence and the resulting serif and terminal styles are shared between both scripts, creating a harmonious whole. Its moderate x-height allows for shared vertical proportions between Latin and Armenian. Arek is the first type system to incorporate an Armenian cursive together with the regular styles. A design based on extensive research of old manuscripts, it is expected to enrich the expressive repertoire of Armenian typography.

    The family offers a rich set of OpenType features, such as ligatures, lining and old‑style figures, and contextual alternates. Arek already won Granshan 2010 (Armenian text face) and received the prestigious Letter.2 award.

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