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    Client: Jonas Liveröd Date: 2013 Assignment: Publication
Permanent Daylight

Client: Jonas Liveröd
Date: 2013
Assignment: Publication
Permanent Daylight is an art publication by Swedish artist Jonas Liveröd.
The publication is designed by Re-public in a broadsheet format, as a hybrid between a book, a newspaper and a magazine. The publication presents the reader with a selection of Liveröds artistic works — mixed together with inspirational materials, references, notes, anecdotes, interviews and other bits and pieces that form the structure of Liverödland.
The packaging and promotional material for the release event, has been specifically designed to accompany the publication. The three elements are tied together across formats, by a distinct black line, framing the artwork and creating a visual calmness around the otherwise fragmented content.
The punched diamond square ensures that the publication can be folded properly without fracturing the paper.
Permanent Daylight is indispensable reading for those who take an interest in utopian cults, love crimes, doppelgänger effects, borderline architecture, pilgrimages, lists, misplaced art history, manic collectors, folk-art fakes, dioramas, magic used in warfare, visionary failures, emotional manipulation, fear of the dark and modernistic mistakes.
Where Jonas Liveröds previous book The Violence was a deliberate enigma, more of a fetish-object in itself, Permanent daylight is an entirely different form of communication.
Liveröd likes to try new angles on each new project and this publication has been compiled as a full-on, no-holds-barred piece, in an attempt at presenting a more complete view of his world. Yes, it is a dizzyingly saturated format where we get side-tracked at times and are led up incomplete paths, its structure being deliberately fragmented. But the work with Permanent Daylight has been a labour of love, exploring what can be told where, how can it be told and in which structures you can work.