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    BATMAN: Re-design
BATMAN: Re-design
In this personal project of redesigning the BATMAN series, I focused on redesigning not only the style, but also the primary concept of the characters. My goal was to push the eccentricity in each character's mind and to show that each character is mentally disrupted or damaged, because I believe trauma and mental problems are the real proofs that a character is alive.
Lawless Cop of the Night
A young billionaire with aphasia and slight autism. His symptoms began since witnessing the murder of his parents at a young age. However, Bruce Wayne's symptoms go away when he wears the mask.
Batman holding his Lightning Bat, a baton capable of generating electric shocks.
A professional psychiatrist who is well-known among the riches of Gotham for his super-effective prescription drugs. He has dark plans to manipulate the minds of the people of Gotham.
A former policeman of GCPD, who decides to serve the justice in his own way, after seeing Batman and becoming furious at the weak governmental authority of Gotham.
A prominent ballerina of Gotham City Ballet at daytime; an infamous jewelry thief at night.
The double life gives her pleasure and satisfaction.
A jailbreaker known for his cruelty and tattoos all over the body. However, his reason for jailbreak is to save his grandma from unidentified threats.
She was a hot, arrogant movie star before being attacked with acid over her face. Now she swears revenge on those responsible for the tragedy.
A detective from another town who attempts to reveal the Batman's identity on request of the gangs of Gotham.
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