Urban Oasis | Book

Publication, 192 pages. With texts from Elisabeth Fiedler, Markus Jeschaunig, Laurids Ortner, Katrin Bucher
Trantow, Marcello di Paola, Wolgang Kessling, Tatjana Schneider, Sebastian Sautter, Christian Stieber

from the conversation between Laurids Ortner and Markus Jeschaunig, page 68: 

LO: Most of those tomatoes come from the Netherlands.   |   MJ: Anyone who's grown their own tomatoes knows what a difference there is. As I see it, the public is still too unaware of the amounts of energy being used for everyday things.   |   LO: Look, the irony of your project in Graz is that it is first and foremost eye-catching. All the technical and ecological (...)

page 128:
The plan to cultivate tropical plants in Graz in winter using waste heat did not promise to be easy. Winter came upon the city and the country and, obviously, upon the "Oasis No.8" project. It was a mild winter, lenient on the small greenhouse situated between two residential blocks in the middle of Graz and, thanks to utilising waste heat, all of the plants survived to the spring without sustaining any serious harm. (...)

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Design: Anja Jeschaunig, Margit Steidl, Katharina Schwarz | Editor: Elisabeth Fiedler
Copyreading: Sara Crockett, Claudia Gerhäusser, Jennifer Josenhans | Translations: Richard Watts
all rights reserved | published 2018 Kerber Verlag, Germany | ISBN 978-3-7356-0510-8


Markus Jeschaunig’s (*1982) artistic work explores themes in the interrelationship between culture and nature. The Urban Oasis project provides the framework for a discourse on artistic research. The new publication examines artistic-scientific strategies and their potential to mediate between society and the production of knowledge. The artist comprehends his work as agency, and artworks as living organisms with a social dimension. Authors from various disciplines deal with questions regarding the hybrid relationship between the technological and the natural as well as the aesthetic dimension of ecology.

Urban Oasis | Book