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The origins of the company, founded by the brothers Paco and Juan Macías, can be found in a Unesco-protected site located within the most diverse evergreen cloud forest in Mexico. The Chiapas-based brand produces great coffee while being socially conscious. Their product line includes blends and beans from micro farms ran by indigenous Tzotzil people, proud descendants of the Mayan civilization. By providing formal jobs, paying fair wages and using environmentally sustainable practices, Café Hermanos Macías supports its community and improves lives.

We were commissioned to develop an identity proposal to represent the brand. First off, we created the distinctive brass instrument icon, an image associated with achievement and triumph, a homage to the family’s coffee grounds in El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. Then, to reflect the founders’ heritage, we designed different pack textures inspired by the people, land and climate of the state of Chiapas. The illustrations depict beans, mountains, and streams; they are a tribute to the spirit of coffee and the natural elements that surround it.

Through a membership program, anyone can acquire Café Hermanos Macías’ different specialty coffee bean packs—a cold brew bottle is also part of the product offering—and have it delivered to their homes on a monthly basis. As the brand needed a special solution for their shipping needs, we set out to work on a container. We devised a beautiful branded box set which can contain one or two individual packs. Customers are in for a unique experience when they receive the high-quality cases. The delicious aroma of selected coffee spreads in the air, even before the security seal is torn. The final identity represents the brand’s philosophy, the quality of the products, and the legacy of its home community through a vibrant visual journey.


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