Book Design Gerrit Rietveld
Gerrit Rietveld
Weelde van de eenvoud / Wealth of Sobriety

Gerrit Rietveld is the Netherlands’ most famous architect at home and abroad. His Rietveld Schröder House from 1924 in Utrecht is now world famous and adorns UNESCO's list. Rietveld designed nearly 100 houses of which photographer Arjan Bronkhorst chose 20 as best preserved for his project. For two years Bronkhorst photographed the houses, interiors and residents. It brought him, among other things, to the United States. In three houses he still found direct clients of Rietveld. They tell their story in the book. The book has become a monumental tribute to Gerrit Rietveld.

The typography, the use of color and the shape of the book are in line with the ideas of Gerrit Rietveld. The layout and selection of the photo pages came about through an intensive and pleasant collaboration between the photographer and Beukers Scholma.
A team of 10 people worked on this fist-thick book for two years. Arjan Bronkhorst succeeded in gaining the trust of the residents and photographed the interiors in his characteristic way. Never before have the houses of Gerrit Rietveld been portrayed so extensively. The book is fully bilingual in Dutch and English. Beukers Scholma designed the book in the form language of Rietveld.

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Photobook: 245 x 310 mm / 528 pages
Publisher: Lectura Cultura
Authors: Ida van Zijl, Willemijn Zwikstra, Marc van den Eerenbeemt, Arjan Bronkhorts
Book Design: Beukers Scholma Haico Beukers, Puck Beukers, Marga Scholma
Editions: Bilingual (Dutch and English)
Lithography: Marc Gijzen
ISBN: 978-90-8213-546-6

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International reviews:
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Book Design Gerrit Rietveld

Book Design Gerrit Rietveld