Invictus MMA Melbourne Timetable of MMA Classes
Kids BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Melbourne & MMA Classes Near Me

A complete schedule of MMA classes at, one of the best MMA gyms in Melbourne, Australia. MMA classes in this Tullamarine gym can also be adjusted to suit your daily routine. 

Invictus offers FREE MMA Melbourne trial classes. You have the option to proceed to a full-scale or intensive mixed martial arts course once the trial period is over. 

Gym members can also join fixed classses and choose their preferred mixed martial art class. Currently offered MMA gym sessions include Muay Thai (kick-boxing), regular MMA boxing, wrestling, kids BJJ, and adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. A holistic MMA course is also available for those who like to learn every type of MMA. 

For more information about available MMA classes and corresponding schedules, you can either refer to the timetable above or personally consult representatives from Invictus MMA gym by sending an email to or giving us a ring at (03) 9330 3399 or 0420 370 465 (mobile).

To register for trial MMA classes, just go to

Invictus MMA Melbourne Timetable of MMA Classes