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    My solution to the Ted Baker D&AD brief. Based on introducing Ted Baker to a country of your choice. Promoting the British culture and humour.
I wanted to introduce Ted Baker to the west of Canada, in the area known as 'Bear Country'.  My concept is a play on the very British 'Teddy Bear's Picnic'. Bringing the English Novel to a place where there really could be a big surprise if you go down to the woods today! 
For the store itself, all the mannequins will be dressed with Bear Heads. The windows will be recreate a picnic scene out in the Canadian countryside, with giant food cut outs and the iconic red and white picnic blanket. 
I also want to introduce props within the store. Giving a British twist to landmarks of the Canadian countryside! From researching previous stores, having an interactive prop is a popular feature within the stores, so I think it is a great way of bringing the British sense of humour to Canada!