Christmas is all about family, love, sharing and, of course, exchange gifts and eating great food.
Brazil’s most important brand of baked goods - Bauducco - invited us to develop an animated ad campaign to highlight its flagship: the delicious Christmas cake called Panettone.
Pedacinhos do Natal (Christmas’ little pieces) was the campaign motto to enhance the conversation between the brand and its consumers during this magical and emotional period of the year. From the very first spot, Bauducco invited Brazilian families to share their stories of what they love about their unique celebration of Christmas.

After selecting 10 stories, we had the pleasure to create and produce the spots, one of each different family.
What’s the little piece of Christmas you love the most?

Title: Pedacinhos do Natal
Agency: CP+B Brasil
Client: Bauducco
CCO: André Kassu and Marcos Medeiros
CD: Marcelo Rizério and Rodrigo Visconti
Creatives: Rainor Marinho, Thiago Ehlke, André Kassu and Marcos Medeiros
Broadcast Producers: Fafá Oliveira and Valeria Andrighetti
Planning: Mahira Oliveira, Lucas Madeira, Mariana Cerqueira and Paulo Yanaguizawa
Account Management: Renata Wirthmann, Maria Fernanda Papaleo and Rafaella Blasotti
Media: Tiago Santos, Camila Gazzano, Cesar Tomei, Vinicius Moraes, Matheus Barbian, Gabriel Queijo and Tais Frasson
Client: André Britto, Juliana Corá, Flávia Mantovani, Ana Paula Annicchino, Janaína do Nascimento and Giovana Salas

Animation Studio: Histeria!
Animation Director: Jannerson Xavier
Animators: Jannerson Xavier, Amália Lage, Gabriela Zaneti, 
Jon Suguiyama, Samantha Oda, Victor Tchaba and Vinicius Ricardo
Art Director: Daniel Kano
Storyboard: Amália Lage and Pri Wi
Animatic: Jannerson Xavier 
Illustration: Daniel Kano, Amália Lage, Jon Suguiyama, Mateus Carvalho, Pri Wi and Casa Locomotiva
Character Designer: Mateus Carvalho
Character Artist: Mateus Carvalho and Jon Suguiyama
Background Artist: Amália Lage and Pri Wi
Producer: Marcelo Moreno

Live Action Production House: Paranoid
Director: Mariana Youssef
Assistant Director: Mariana Mesquita
Photography Direction: Pedro Neves
Art Director: Martin Garcia
Production Coordenator: Gabi Hahn / Luiz Armesto
Executive Producer: Egisto Betti, Marcel Weckx and Rafa Motta
Edition: Alexandre Boechat, Jéssica Queiros and Pedro Amaral
Post-Production: Andrea Lopes and Marilia Ramos
Post-Production assistant: Bruno Magosso
Finalization: Clan Vfx

Audio Production House: LOUD
Producers / Coordination: Tatiana Ornellas, Leticia Nunes, Maia Feres and Nicole Bonnet


Bauducco - Pedacinhos do Natal