ID Uruguay
SSO for everyone
A key piece of the Uruguayan government's digitalization plan, ID Uruguay is essentially a custom multi-factor Single Sign On experience for all governmental online services. Combined with the use of  digital ID signing technology, it promises to make civic procedures entirely digital.

I worked closely on the project for an year and a half as Octobot’s assigned UX/UI designer, helping AGESIC improve it’s initial MVP into two fully-fledged web applications. The first release to production was on January 2018 and has been under constant improvement ever since.
Landing page, Desktop version.
Goodbye old, hello new

ID Uruguay features a robust client for the citizens and a separate admin for registration agents. By incorporating AGESIC’s design system, the new UI covers many good practices and standards on usability and accessibility, as well as a consistent experience with other government products. As it was intended mainly for digital portals, we included some custom components and changes to provide a dynamic application experience.
Citizens can login government services through ID Uruguay using several authentication methods: With username and password, through a relying party (for example, Identidad Digital Mobile), or using their physical national ID with an ID card reader.
Users have a dashboard where they can see their personal information, and manage their services, security settings and connected apps.
A flawless mobile experience

As more citizens use their phones to interact with government services, we make sure the mobile experience was as good as the one on the desktop.
Landing, Login, Dashboard, Email, Internal Server Error and Help Center mobile screens.
Security, what?

The new app incorporates a security-first mindset, which translates on strategies to protect the system from both the server-side and client-side.
Users are explicitly said which data will be shared prior to the app linking with ID Uruguay.
Users can easily configure 2-factor authentication using TOTP algorithm, upgrading considerably their account’s security.
Every sensible action on the dashboard have to pass a security verification.
Keeping it simple

We kept a tone of voice informal, simple, straightforward, explicit and friendly. We know that people don’t read, so I modeled information to be attractive and concise, complementing it with visuals custom illustrations or catchy headlines.
Apps features regarding civic procedures.
Several iterations where needed to get to a great 2-factor authentication configuration flow.
Error 404 screen.
Final thoughts

ID Uruguay was one of the most challenging and enriching projects I’m proud to have worked in, and I’m thankful for working along many skilled people on the way. After the initial launch, the user’s database grown to more than 100.000 users in less than 6 months, a sign we also did things well.
Role: UX/UI Designer, Octobot Team.
Platform: Web.
Expertise: Research, UX Design, Information Design, UI Design, Visual Design, Design Direction, Illustration, User Testing.
Year: 2017-2018.
Credits: Guillermo Pérez (PO), Christian Bouvier (PO, Team Leader, Developer), Rodrigo Suarez (Developer), Victoria Cruces (Developer), Luciano Ferrari (Security Expert, Scrum Master), Juan Saavedra (CTO), Silvia Da Rosa (User Testing Facilitator).
ID Uruguay

ID Uruguay

UX/UI Design and Illustration for ID Uruguay, a custom multi-factor Single Sign On experience for all Uruguayan government online services.