For my senior project, I decided to create a fictional small business that breathes new life into analog music. After finding and using my dad's record player the summer before my senior course started, I became a vinyl enthusiast which fueled the inspiration for this entire project. I wanted to focus on how to present a fresh, new perspective to the possibilites vinyl holds, enhance the experience of analog music, and help bring back the anticipation of buying a record. So, as an avid playlist maker, I thought to myself "What if I could create my own custom playlist into a vinyl record?" One could listen to Lady Gaga on Side A and The Beatles on Side B. 
With that thought in mind, the business Your Turn flourished.
It is your turn to choose the songs, create the album artwork, and walk home with a truly one of a kid vinyl record. Your Turn would like to hear your story, see your visions, and allow your idea to manifest into the ultimate piece of music.
*Click here for a more "behind the scenes" look at the creative process. 
screen printed promotional poster
printed advertisments based off of a record in a sleeve
record cleaning kit, with solution & cloth
handmade record bowls "If you ever get lonely, just go to the record store & visit your friends" - Penny Lane
flyers, stickers & buttons
to place an order for an album, clients visit the store & complete a form
examples of custom made albums for clients
detailing of illustrated vinyl label
large menu sign
custom made storefront light
entire gallery display