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Get Rewardz mobile app
Educational app to teach kids practical skills
Project background
The Get Rewardz team engaged with us to conceptualise an educational app, for both parents and children. The intention was to create a modern way for parents to connect with their children, while teaching them practical life skills including hard work and money management.

Project objectives
– Understand children's behaviours, needs, goals and motivations in different age groups
– Identify existing competition in the space of educational apps
– Identify key features and functionality required for the interface
– Provide design recommendations for future development
       Behavioural and mental models for different user groups (children, tweens and mid-teens)
What we did
We conducted competition analysis on children's choirs and pocket money apps to identify strengths and weaknesses in the existing offering. We identified mental models for the different user groups, so we could gather key requirements for different age groups.
Experiences requirements
We focused the experience on motivating kids to do chores, complete their homework, be polite... with cash. Instead of just getting pocket money, children could set financial goals and do tasks to earn there way towards it. 

Tasks and rewards would be collaboratively set by parents and children, and when agreed as completed, the reward was transferred to the child's account. We gamified the experience to encourage child engagement, with elements such as streaks, badges and high-score tables.

Get Rewardz mobile app
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Multiple Owners
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