Fundación Telefónica asked us to come up with a promotional piece for their exhibition centre in Madrid. We brainstormed the concept from our client´s brief, and produced the script and story-board.
The whole production from brieffing to delivery took just two weeks of intense but fun work with Sergio aka ANIMATOMiC, Rogelio and Jaime.
Apart from directing and story-boarding I also designed the hand-drawn typeface "Tipomano" to match the look and feel of the piece.
Client: Telson for Fundación Telefónica.
Director: Iñigo Rotaetxe.
Script: Maria Maján.
Animation: Sergio Alfonso Gonzalez ( and Rogelio Folgueras.
Post-production: Jaime Suarez.
Producers: José Tenorio - Juan Ramón Pedrero.
The voice: Quim Rubí.
Sound: Playrec.
TIPOMANO typeface. Contact me if you are interested.